Best Marijuana Strain for PMS

For a woman, having her monthly period is a natural thing. And before this period comes, there are already signs that will show up in a woman’s body. These signs are quite common and most of the time does not cause any unease from the girl’s day to day activities. However, when a girl is suffering so much pain before having a period, this is another issue. This is because she might have this so-called PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome which is not just painful but quite disturbing as well.

Having a PMS in a form of so much pain is a kind of situation which needs a cure. Though this is a natural scenario for most girls, finding treatment will help you lessen the pain enabling you to have a natural and hassle-free day. Since Premenstrual Syndrome comes in many forms in which pain is the major one, many people believed that marijuana has the ability to give it some cure. This is because of the fact that some marijuana strains are known to have pain treatment property. Well, there are so many strains out there so, if you want to know which strain is good for PMS, take a look and keep on reading.

Super Silver Haze

Key Features:

  • Strain type: 20% indica/ 80% sativa
  • THC: CBD Content: 22%
  • Flavors: sweet, earthy, citrus
  • Effects: happy, euphoric, uplifted, energetic, relax

Combining the known strains Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze makes a kind of strain which is quite powerful both in recreational and medical field. Since it was released during 90’s this strain has already been the foundation of many reliable and superior strains in the cannabis industry.

As a Sativa dominant strain, Super Silver Haze has a high content of THC which falls to 23%. This is why it is not surprising to know that the effects of this strain are quite strong yet; these effects are also effective in treating chronic pain. Indeed, Super Silver Haze is quite effective in the treatment of muscle spasm which is a common symptom of having a Premenstrual Syndrome.

Space Queen

Key Features:

  • Strain type: 50% indica/ 50% sativa
  • THC:CBD Content: 15%
  • Flavors: sweet, citrus, earthy
  • Effects: happy, relaxed, uplifted, creative, euphoric

Having a minimal amount of THC and falling in both indica and sativa dominance, Space Queen is a perfect choice for those who want to relax from everyday stress and fatigue. More than a treatment for stress, this cannabis strain has been used for already many decades as a medication for pain and muscle issues. Indeed, Space Queen is a good choice for PMS treatment since it is highly effective in reducing chronic pains.

Obama Kush

Key Features:

  • Strain type: 35% sativa/ 65% indica
  • THC:CBD Content: 14-21%
  • Flavors: earthy, pine, flowery
  • Effects: relax, euphoric, uplifted, talkative, happy

When your PMS reach to the point in which it already causes you a headache as well as insomnia and depression, then Obama Kush is what you must choose. With a THC content of about 14-21%, this cannabis strain will provide you a relaxing effect with some sense of euphoria. More than its efficiency in lessening the symptoms of PMS, this strain is also clean and smooth at the same time which makes it quite unique among other strains. Therefore, Obama Kush is not just an effective PMS treatment but also a great choice for relaxation while enjoying its great taste and aroma.


Key Features:

  • Strain type: indica
  • THC-CBD Content: 20%-1%
  • Flavors: earthy, pungent, flowery
  • Effects: relax, sleepy, euphoric, happy, tingly

Romulan might be an indica type of cannabis but you’ll be surprised that it is quite a potent one. Considering that it has THC content of about 20%, this strain provides a euphoric effect but much more of a sleepy and relaxed state. Romulan is derived from the alien Star Trek race, provides potency but highly efficient in the medical field. Because of its great relaxation effect, this cannabis strain is a favorite choice among patient with damage in the nerves and most of all those people who are suffering from muscle spasm. This is why Romulan is part of the best choices for PMS.

Blue Dream

Key Features:

  • Strain type: 40% indica/ 60% sativa
  • THC-CBD Content: 17%- 2%
  • Flavors: blueberry, berry, sweet
  • Effects: happy, relaxed euphoric, uplifted, creative

Originated from California, Blue Dream is a sativa dominant strain which made a name in the industry of marijuana cultivation and consumption. Blue Dream is one of the favorite picks of many patients especially those who are suffering from different types of pain. This is because this strain provides a relaxing relief but not in a sedative way. In addition to that, many patients love the aroma and taste of Blue Dream which makes it even more easy to and convenient to consume.

Skywalker OG

Key Features:

  • Strain type: 15% sativa/ 85% indica
  • THC-CBD Content: 20%-25%
  • Flavors: earthy, pungent, sweet
  • Effects: relaxed, sleepy, happy, euphoric, uplifted

Skywalker OG or also known as Skywalker OG Kush is an indica dominant strain but still provides potency in every use. With its high percentage of THC content, this indica dominant hybrid strain provides you heavy, stony, and high effects. These effects will make you relaxed and couched-locked which is why it is a very common medication for those who wanted to have a very relaxed state. When it comes to PMS, though this strain is not quite effective in lessening the pain, its relaxation effect takes credit for this condition. Hence, it is still an effective tool you can use in order to keep relaxed even in the instance of PMS.

PMS is a kind of condition that most but not all girls experience before having their monthly period. There are many more strains which are found to be effective in helping women with PMS and in order to find the best one, you just need to try each and find the one which you think works out best for you.