Best Marijuana Strain for Phantom Limb Pain

Marijuana is already famous in the field of medicine as an effective cure for pain and other types of illnesses. For different types of pain, many patients go for using certain cannabis strains as part of their medication because of its efficiency.

Phantom limb pain is a kind of neuropathic condition that commonly happens with amputees. This pain is commonly part of the healing process after surgery. The pain is the result of the continuous activity of the damaged nerves in the spot of amputation. These nerves still sending signals to the brain leaving a feeling that the amputated part is still there. Though Phantom pain appears after a surgery, the feeling will differ from people to people which makes it difficult to generalize. However, burning, pressure, itching, and twisting in the amputated spot are the common symptoms of phantom limb pain.

The sought for the treatment of phantom limb pain is quite challenging since it involves with trial and error. Doctors tried different medicines and anti-depressants but since pharmaceutical drugs are quite addictive and are full of side effects, using certain marijuana strains is the closest way they found. Below are the strains which are best to use in the treatment of Phantom Limb Pain.


Key Features

  • Strain type: 25% indica/ 75% sativa
  • THC-CBD Content: 7-15%: 10%
  • Flavors: earthy, flowery, citrus
  • Effects: relaxed, uplifted, focused, happy, euphoric

Harlequin is marijuana which is known in the field of pain treatment. This 75% sativa dominant cannabis has a unique THC and CBD ratio making it an effect of pain and anxiety. In fact, this strain has been the top choice of many patients who want to use cannabis for medication but doesn’t like to get too high. The combination of fruity and sweet flavors of Harlequin is an ideal choice not just for pain but also for those who are anxiety prone.

Green Crack

Key Features

  • Strain type: 75% indica/ 25% sativa
  • THC-CBD Content: 13-21%: 1%
  • Flavors: earthy, citrus, sweet
  • Effects: energetic, happy, uplifted, focused, euphoric

For patients with Phantom limb pain that wanted to have a sharp and focused mind effect, Green Crack is the number one choice. This cannabis strain is known for its mental clarity effect as well as for its lasting effects which not all strains can do. Aside from that, Green Crack is a cannabis strain which is able to provide energy as well. With this, this strain is not suitable to use for people with Phantom Limb pain but also for those who are suffering from lack of appetite, stress, fatigue, and depression.

Purple Kush

Key Features

  • Strain type: 100% indica
  • THC-CBD Content: 15%: 0.1%
  • Flavors: earthy, sweet, fruity
  • Effects: euphoric, uplifting, sedative

When talking about Purple Kush, almost everyone in the Cannabis community know about it. In fact, its fame came across in the medical field which leads to many doctors put it as part of their recommendation for certain disease treatment. As of today, Purple Kush is considered as the superior cannabis strain in the world. Having a 15% content of THC together with its sedative effects, Purple Kush is one of the top recommendations for the treatment of Phantom Limb Pain especially to those who experience difficulty in resting. Just like other certain cannabis strain, Purple Kush has a long-lasting effect that will even reach up to 3 hours. With the sedative and powerful effect of this strain, it can also be used for patient with chronic pain, sleeping problems, muscle spasm, and especially nerve damage. With its great flavors and smell as well as its wide range of efficiency, it is no wonder why Purple Kush became a famous strain both in recreational and medicinal cannabis communities.


Key Features

  • Strain type: 35% indica/ 65% sativa
  • THC-CBD Content: 13-20%-1%
  • Flavors: earthy, woody, pungent
  • Effects: relaxed, happy, uplifted, euphoric, creative

This cannabis strain, the AK-47 may have a strong name yet in the medical aspect, is loved by many patients. with 13-20% of THC content, this cannabis strain provides a high and relaxing effect which makes it famous both for recreation and medication. Because of its special high and relaxing effect, many patients choose AK-47 since it has the capability to provide a more established effect on depression, pain, anxiety, and stress. With this, this strain is part of the top recommended strains for the treatment of Phantom Limb Pain.

Critical Kush #2

Key features

  • Strain type: 30% sativa/ 70% indica
  • THC-CBD Content: 22%
  • Flavors: earthy, pungent, woody
  • Effects: relaxed, happy, sleepy, euphoric, hungry

Considering the fact that it has 22% of THC content, it is not surprising to know that Critical Kush #2 is potent enough to provide a high efficiency. However, this strain from the combination of Critical Mass and OG Kush is still able to provide a sensational and relaxing effect. This is because despite having a high THC content, Critical Kush #2 has also a moderate level of THC that helps provides a better effect inside the body. Because of this, there are certain recommendations that this marijuana strain must be used for night medication in treating illnesses like insomnia, muscle spasm, stress, and pain.

All of the stated cannabis strains are already known for their efficiency in treating or lessening pain due to Phantom Limb Pain. Though finding the right medication is not an easy task for every patient in this condition, what will matter the most is that all of these strains are able to help patients suffering from this condition. It is also an important thing to remember that the response and willingness of the patient have also impact with the overall efficiency and capability of a certain marijuana strain.