Best Marijuana Strain for Depression

According to studies performed in the medical marijuana community, depression is among the primary reasons why a lot of patients seek refuge in marijuana. Research shows that lower THC doses can help in fighting depression. THC is considered as the main psychoactive content in marijuana, though a balance of other cannabinoids are also found to be helpful. If you are wondering which strain is perfect for you, here are the options on the best marijuana strain for depression.


Key Features:

  • Type: 70% Indica 30% Sativa
  • THC Level: 8-15%
  • CBD Level: 12%
  • Flavors: Woody, Sweet, Spicy, Lemon, Herbal, Coffee, Bubble Gum
  • Effects: Sleepy, Relaxing, Happy, Focus, Euphoria

Pennywise is a well-recognized strain because of its CBD content. It is an indica dominant strain that offers a slight euphoric high, as it has a good 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. Despite this initial kick, it is laid back and mellow overall, thus giving you that positivity which can help you in getting through your day effectively. After smoking this strain, you can expect a mild, yet clear-headed body high. It is also effective in dealing with other conditions aside from depression, such as anxiety, and other neurological disorders.


Key Features:

  • Type: 75% Sativa 25% Indica
  • THC Level: 7-15%
  • CBD Level: 10%
  • Flavors: Woody, Sweet Spicy, Herbal
  • Effects: Uplifting, Focus, Energizing, Creative, Body High

A lot of people believe that THC alone is enough in fighting against depression. However, research has also shown that a good balance of CBD in a strain is also effective, especially since it does not result to a euphoric high. As a sativa dominant strain, Harlequin offers fast-acting, anti-depression characteristics. It is also a happy type of strain, producing a clear-headed effect, allowing you to still think clearly and get through the events of the day. It is unlikely to result to any significant cognition changes, though you might have to expect a bit of a buzz after smoking this strain.

Laughing Buddha

Key Features:

  • Type: 75% Sativa 25% Indica
  • THC Level: 18%
  • Flavors: Sweet, Spicy, Pineapple, Lemon, Herbal, Citrus
  • Effects: Happy, Giggly, Euphoria, Energizing, Creative

Wondering why there is “laughing” included in the name of this strain? As suggested by its name, this strain will certainly leave you feeling upbeat, jolly and happy. It is high in THC, giving you that joyful feeling that is mostly cerebral. Laughing Buddha is a sativa dominant strain that is known for its potency. As such, it is recommended for beginners to choose the variety with a lower content of THC tested, and a bit of CBD in it.


Key Features:

  • Type: 50% Sativa 50% Indica
  • THC Level: 7-15%
  • CBD Level: 12%
  • Flavors: Woody, Tangy, Sweet, Pine, Citrus
  • Effects: Relaxing, Happy, Focus, Euphoria, Energizing

Are you looking for a reliable strain that can give you that interesting daytime high? Cannatonic is a good option for you. It is an amazing strain perfect if you are seeking relief, but wants to stay clear-headed. Even though it poses a good and high balance of THC and CBD it is usually recommended as a CBD dominant strain. As expected, you can produce an uplifting and calm sensation, combined with a highly pleasant mood. Aside from depression, it is also known to treat anxiety, pain, as well as epilepsy.

Sour Kush

Key Features:

  • Type: 60% Indica 40% Sativa
  • THC Level: 15-25%
  • Flavors: Sweet, Spicy, Lemon, Diesel, Citrus
  • Effects: Relaxing, Happy, Giggly, Focus, Euphoria

If you are an experienced smoker and wants to try something strong, Sour Kush is a perfect choice. It is a cross between famous parents, Sour Diesel and OG Kush, thus being recommended for those who have already developed a tolerance for marijuana. This is because Sour Kush can produce very high THC content, thus exhibiting strong psychoactive effects. Despite being potent, this strain also offers a well-balanced mind-body high which will still allow you to be productive during the day.

Blue Magoo

Key Features:

  • Type: 50% Sativa 50% Indica
  • THC Level: 16%
  • Flavors: Tropical, Sweet, Fruity, Blueberry, Berry
  • Effects: Relaxing, Hungry, Happy, Giggly, Euphoria, Energizing, Creative

Blue Magoo is described as a low-profile strain, but it has the capacity to remove your stress away, putting you in a much better mood. It is also a beautiful hybrid which is known for its blueberry smell. While it may not be considered as the strongest strain out there, but it is already satisfactory even for moderate to seasoned consumers. The high that you will get out of this strain is mainly physical and somewhat sedating. You will expect to feel body relaxation and a positive turn of mood.

OG Kush

Key Features:

  • Type: 55% Sativa 45% Indica
  • THC Level: 24%
  • Flavors: Woody, Pine, Lemon
  • Effects: Hungry, Happy, Euphoria, Energizing, Body High

OG Kush is a classic strain, and is often considered as one of the most famous out there. It is a recommended choice for those who are dealing with depression. What you can expect out of this strain is a balanced body-mind high, resulting to a warmhearted and calming feeling. It also give that very cheerful physical relaxation which will allow you to loosen up after fighting bouts of depression. Most of the time, depression has something to do with what happens to the physiological side of the body. This is something handled by OG Kush.


While the best marijuana strains for anxiety and depression mentioned above are known to exhibit characteristics that fight depression, it is very important to note that they should not be used in place of actual treatment or medical advice. This is the reason why it is recommended to obtain prescription first in order to ensure that a specific strain will work best depending on your condition. After all, the effect of a strain may vary from one person to another. Your need in dealing with depression may be different with another, so choosing the right strain is very important.