Best Fertilizer for Weed – Growing Cannabis to the Max

Like humans, marijuana needs food for it to grow to its full potential. If you want to get the best from your marijuana plants, then use fertilizer. Here are some of the best fertilizers that you can use to get the best of your marijuana plants.

Vinegar Baking Soda CO2 generator

Carbon dioxide generator can be made from vinegar and baking soda. You need 1 liter bowl with ordinary baking soda, slowly drip the vinegar 1 drop every 2 minutes. There is a chemical action between two compounds that creates copious amount of carbon dioxide; vinegar contains acid while baking soda has corroding property.


Organic materials are one of the best fertilizers of all time. Basically, when this rots in the soil the nutrients it has will be available for infusion to the plants. Kitchen waste composting can make the soil full of nutrients. Composting is one of the best fertilizers in providing rich and healthy soil.


Miracle-Gro is a proven formula that is known for home gardening fertilizers, it is a readymade plant food. All you have to do is mix and apply as directed on the package.

Marijuana Booster

Marijuana booster will let you grow your cannabis with giant marijuana pot buds. For marijuana to grow properly and produce flowers, it needs complete nutrients by having nutrients combined with oxygen, sunlight and carbon dioxide, the process of photosynthesis. Complete nutrients combine with other elements will boost cannabis plant but you need to give it proper nutritional diet.

Vermiculate and Perlite

Vermiculate and Perlite is made by heating mica to 1,400 degrees and 1,800 degrees F, it is a pellet type fertilizers. Minerals provide calcium, magnesium, and potassium and it was absorbed by the soil and roots over time. The mineral were produced during the heating process, the white pellets absorb water up to 4 times its own weight they also hold air. Vermiculate and Perlite is composed of 50 percent fertilizer and the other 50 percent is the combination peat and water.

CO2 Bomb

Like vinegar-drip generator this can also carry carbon dioxide but CO2 bomb can generate an atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide inside a small enclosed room. Cover the cannabis plant with large plastic bag; put a jar with one-quarter field baking soda slowly put vinegar in the jar until it creates foam as it generates CO2. Seal the bag and let the plant breathe for 15 minutes, drip vinegar and stir well, leave the plant in the jar for hours to infuse its tissues.