Best Environment For Germinating Marijuana Seeds

Cannabis growing from seeds will require that you let your seeds germinate first before transplanting them in the growing weed medium of your choice. During the germination time, you may have the chance of getting good seeds and the bad ones, so careful seed selection is of great importance to ensure high success in germination and successful cannabis growing. Success in seed germination will also depend on the quality of the seeds and the environment.

Pot Growing: Things Needed for the Cannabis Seeds to Sprout

● Moisture

Always keep the marijuana seeds moist. When you are using the paper towel method, regularly feed your seeds with a drop of water or two and never let them dry out. Drying during the germination process of growing pot will cause your seeds to die. The use of distilled water is recommended because water from the faucet may contain chlorine.

● Warmth

The ideal temperature or germinating marijuana seeds is between 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. If you let the seeds germinate using the pre-soaking method, you may place the seeds in a cup or bowl filled with warm water. Some gardeners would place the cannabis seeds to be germinated on top of the refrigerator to provide the warmth.

● Darkness

Marijuana seeds will germinate well when placed in a dark area. Do not allow them to get in touch with direct sunlight.

Why do you Need a Warm and Dark Room for Germinating Marijuana Seeds

During the germination process of growing cannabis, marijuana seeds will begin to split in as early as 24-48 hours although some may start showing their taproots in 3 days or so. If you do not see your seeds germinating after a day or two, check on the temperature of your working space. The room where the pot seeds are germinated should be kept warm. Always keep the room temperature in a range of 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. You may place the tray or plate containing the germinated pot seeds on top of the refrigerator to keep them warm. Using a thermometer, you may check the temperature around the seeds. This is to ensure that cannabis seeds are given the warmth needed to fully sprout.

Do not expose the cannabis seeds under direct sunlight during the germination phase of growing marijuana. This may hinder the germination process.  To provide the seeds warmth and darkness, you may place them in a cupboard or when you are using a small plate or tray, cover the seeds with another sheet of paper towel and topped with another plate.

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