Royal Queen Seeds Review

Our Royal Queen Seeds Review – What the Company has to Offer

royalqueenseeds logoRoyal Queen Seeds is one of the best providers of seeds in Europe. The company aims to expand their prowess in the worldwide market through providing top-notch seeds which are organically grown. The team is widely known for breeding cannabis seeds in The Netherlands – their new line of high quality seeds, currently presented on the website.

They make sure that they will provide the fastest growing strains to lessen your trouble when it comes to growing some buds that are worthy to use for smoking and medical purposes. Their capabilities in growing weed is truly extraordinary which is why they were able to sell some of their unique strains to assure you smoking pot in a perfect way.

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Here are the best reasons why the site is worthy to visit for purchasing marijuana:

Autoflowering Seeds Avialable – This site has a lot of autoflowering cannabis strains that you can purchase, and it will only take 8 – 10 weeks to grow from planting up to harvest time.

Award Winning Strains – They have some of the finest seeds that have won the High Times Cannabis Cup Awards, and they have classic ones that most people loved to plant as well.

Low Prices! – This site has the cheapest seeds available for you as well which is why they are really great to consider indeed.

Safe Shipping – They also make sure that you will be able to have your cannabis in a safe way because they have stealth shipping, and it’s all discreet. What made them better is that you can pay additional $5 for extra stealthy shipping methods for you to get your seeds in a much safer way.


Here are some disadvantages that you need to take note of:

Few Stocks on Autoflowering Seeds – due to its popularity, some of the autoflowering cannabis strains are not available and will take time for it to have a stock again.

Not Available in All Countries – Too bad that some countries will never be able to get the best seeds ever grown in the field.


Once you check out your purchase, you will be directed to the page where they will handle the shipment procedures for you. However, you must take note that they don’t accept shipments in USA, Norway, Australia, China, and most Southeast Asian Countries. The business days vary depending on the country where you’re at, and they have a big list for that part.

They are located on The Netherlands as based on the business day that they have in there which is 1 day only. They can do track and trace for you which is for free, while you can also choose the standard method of shipping which needs you to do it at your own risk. They also do extra stealth shipping for a more anonymous shipment at the cost of additional 5 EURO with taxes included.

Payment Methods and Pricing

One can simply choose a preferred payment of choice once the checkout button is clicked. It is very convenient since customers can already see the total at the left bar of the page even before checking out. The website also offers payments through bitcoin.

Customer Feedbacks and Reviews

“This is something that you will really love. Autoflowering seeds are better, safer and faster to grow which is why I really love this store!” – Trevor K.

“They have CDB Oil in their stock, and not just seeds that are of great quality. This is really a pot smoker’s choice!” – Kelvin G.

“I do recommend this to all of those who want to purchase marijuana in our country. Ranging from cheap, autoflowering seeds to the best strains that we see in magazines, they all have it! ” – Howard G.

Final Verdict

Royal Queen Seeds has all that you need when it comes to weed, and expect that they have cheap prices as well which is why visiting their site is truly worthy to consider.

This is an award-winning site that’s truly meant for those who want to get the best out of the best when it comes to marijuana seeds. Pot smokers will really like getting this website thanks to the marvelous benefits that they can get just by purchasing from this website. So if you’re one of those who prefer low priced seeds at the cost of free shipment with stealth features for your safety, then make sure that you go to Royal Queen Seeds for you to start your purchase already.

Take note that they’re unavailable in some countries, but if you’re lucky enough, expect the most premium quality strains of all time. This is what pot lovers are looking for, and rest assured that this is indeed something that’s well reputed because of their amazing capability when it comes to marijuana.


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