Crop King Seeds Review 2017 – Should You Buy Marijuana Seeds Online from Them?

Just like when purchasing other items for your home, looking into the reputation and capacity of an online marijuana seed bank is tantamount to the overall quality of your purchase. As such, rather than just purchasing your seeds directly, it is worth your effort and investment to spend some time in doing your homework in searching out for a dependable marijuana seed bank. This Crop King Seeds review should help you in your buying decision.

Crop King Seeds is considered as among the best marijuana seed banks out there. It has an impressive range of stocks available, combined with an easy to navigate website, thus making it a great option to take into consideration. Let us take a look further into its features and the reasons why it is considered as one of the best.

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Company Background

Crop King Seeds has been in the industry since the earlier part of the 2000s. When comparing the company with other seed breeders, is considered as one of the pioneering companies. This translates to quality and reputation, especially when it comes to searching far and wide for the most reliable and most potent seeds all over the world.

In order to achieve the goal of providing nothing but the best seeds, they have worked together with a number of dependable breeders, thus allowing for the production of various options for their customers. As a bonus, this has further enhanced the effectiveness and potency of the strains.

However, the company has had some rough times as well. Due to the complications regarding laws on the use of marijuana, particularly in 2005, the company was forced to temporarily stop their operations. However, the company started operating again in 2012. As of this point, Crop King Seeds is widely recognized as one of the leading companies in the industry of marijuana.

When it comes to company reputation, Crop King Seeds’ reputability is unmatched. Different review sites provide information that most of the responses coming from customers are positive. They have done a good job when it comes to providing what their customers need, thus impressing them effortlessly.

Selection and Quality of Seeds

One thing that you will immediately notice when you browse through the strain selection section of Crop King Seeds is that the stocks are quite limited. However, if you look at it in a positive light, the engineers of the company can focus on the quality of each strain being offered. This is in contrast to having a lot of seed choices, but facing the risk of having their quality compromised due to their number.

On your end, there is an assurance that you can purchase high quality seeds, crafted with careful experimentation and precision in mind. Crop King Seeds does not just sell the most potent strains, but there is also an assurance of their high germination rate. As you make your purchase, you will be confident in knowing that your purchased seeds will definitely grow into marijuana plants that are very powerful. Needless to say, the strains offered by the company are highly impressive.


Crop King Seeds’ Website Review

The website of Crop King Seeds can be described as user friendly. One thing that you may notice right away upon entering the site is that it has a 90’s website look. However, this only makes it very navigable without any technical difficulties. The content is easy to understand, and the tabs and commands are quite self-explanatory

The moment you enter the website, you will immediately be greeted by the menu, which is strategically located at the main webpage. Among the other features that you can expect to see includes all other different types of statistics and information related to cannabis seeds and growing. The varieties are also presented in an organized way.

You can also find their phone number, live chat and email support. They are by far the first seed company with all customer service lines available 24/7.

Overall, the website is logically presented, and users will not have any problem finding anything that they need.

Payment Methods and Pricing

Crop King Seeds is an international company. This only goes to show that they are very much interested in catering to the different payment methods that are usually availed of by their customers, regardless of their location. Among the most common payment methods include Visa/Credit Card, as well as other modern virtual currencies, like Bitcoin and PayPal. For this reason, customers can easily choose the type of payment method that they prefer, and they will be able to order the seeds wherever they may be from.

When it comes to the pricing of the seeds under Crop King Seeds, it is very important to take into consideration that what you pay for is what you get. Quite honestly, the prices here are somewhat higher compared to other seed dispensaries online, however, different reviews have confirmed that every additional penny spent is well worth it. There is a guarantee that you will be able to secure the best and highest quality of seeds possible.

If you are looking for a source of seeds that can give you the guarantee of germination and quality, the prices offered by Crop King Seeds are justifiable. For discounts and other unique offers, you may also want to subscribe to their publication.

Shipping and Delivery Options

Crop King Seeds offer worldwide shipping. This only means that aside from the fact that they offer various methods for payment possible, customers can order regardless of their location. The original style for packaging is available for customers from Canada. For all other international customers, discreet shipment is made available.

Discreet or stealth shipment includes placing the seeds inside random items. The seeds are also safely placed inside containers that are sealed, making sure that they stay fresh throughout the entire shipment. There is also a $20 shipment fee for all other non-Canada orders. The orders may take up to 25 days before they are received.

For customers who want to receive their package fast, they may also avail of express shipping, with a fee that ranges between $30 and $60. This depends on the destination. For express shipping, it may take up to 5 to 7 days before the orders are received.

Customer Feedback

Majority of the feedback provided by actual customers of Crop King Seeds are positive. Most of them praise the quality of the seeds. Of course, some have commented about the prices which may be somewhat higher than others, but the assurance of receiving healthy seeds growing into healthy plants will all be worth it.

The company is also known for their high quality customer service team, serving 24/7 through toll-free phone service, email and even live chat. As a recommendation from the company, however, avoid asking growing related inquiries because they are simply not allowed to discuss it with you. These topics are outside the control of the company.

Overall Conclusion

Based on the features of the website, availability of high quality seeds, and the customer service availability of Crop King Seeds, there is no doubt that it is not just a pioneering company, but one that is ahead of other seed dispensaries. True, the prices may be somewhat higher than other companies, but there is an assurance of healthy plants. When looking for high quality and high potency seeds, check out what Crop King Seeds has to offer. The selection offered gives the possibility of delivering potent seeds with high germination rate.

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