Buy Dutch Seeds Review

Buy Dutch Seeds Review – Are they Legit?

Buy Dutch Seeds offers a myriad of varieties when it comes to providing a number of strains of seeds for your cannabis growing needs. The company has been providing a wide range of pot for your personal or commercial use. They are very much reliable for those pot growers who want nothing but top quality for their marijuana strains. If one is more concerned in being able to find a good supplier of cannabis strains of top-notch quality, Buy Dutch Seeds is one of the high performing cannabis seed manufacturers based in The Netherlands.

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They provide a wide range of cannabis seeds

When it comes to growing pot, there are some growers who may be hesitant in being able to find that particular strain which they intend to grow. However, Buy Dutch Seeds do have a very high variety when it comes to the choices of seeds that you will be buying from them.

It provides discreet packaging

For those who are ordering their cannabis seeds and would very much prefer to order discretely, their shipping and packaging methods provide a great way for other people to not suspect that you are actually receiving a package that contains nothing but the best strains of weed.

Faster Delivery Service

One would be assured of the fact that once you order online, one would be able to receive the items right away. However, this premise only covers selected areas especially if such places are within courier serviceable areas.


Poor Customer service

For those buyers who are having issues in their items or shipment, one would not be able to appreciate how this company handles complaints and problems. There were even instances in which a mere inquiry to the company would take the client quite a number of attempts before they would be able to finally be given proper customer service.

Slow rate in attending to requests

Some people may have waited far too long to receive feedback or a follow-up request from the company especially if these clients are having current problems with some shipping or quality of the strains. Whether this could probably be due to paucity in their customer service manpower, a lot of buyers do have some serious concerns when it comes to the area of customer service.

Payment facilitation is sometimes poor

There were instances when buyers do have trouble in verifying whether their payment has already been credited to the company. This should have been given attention.


Buy Dutch Seeds maintains a flat rate both for shipping and handling. They do have stealth and discreet way of packaging the cannabis seeds for safety and security purposes. If one should be asking on the transit time of such shipment, it should very well depend on the mail service or the courier provider. However, for generic cases, the estimated shipping would usually take for about 14 days that is if you are within the European destination. And if you are in other parts of the world aside from Europe, it should take about 15 days to 31 days for you to receive your package.

Said shipping will only be facilitated the soonest as the company would be able to receive your payment. Shipping will immediately commence within 24 hours after the company would be able to receive your payment. But it does not count Saturdays and Sundays as the company would only be shipping during business days that is from Monday to Friday only.

Payment Methods and Pricing

Buy Dutch Seeds accepts credit cards and mail order as long as the said payment is properly concealed via mail. It also accepts bank transfer. The instruction for bank transfer will be sent to your email thus it is very much important the once email account is valid and active.

Also, if one is keen on Send Cash form of payment, the company advises to send only bank notes and not coins. For those who are ordering from the Netherlands, it is best that one should be able to send the order number – else, such payment might not be facilitated.

Customer Feedbacks and Reviews

“I live in Australia and looked online for seeds for weeks i wanted genetics and a delivery and didn’t want to out lay cash for a mistry parcell any way tried bds and smooth as transaction 8 days to my front door delivered and i won ten free seeds on my next order then also received next order in 8 days the only thing i wondered about was did i get the strains i payed for well shit yer i cant recommend bds enough great job i will be ordering again and again.” –Bryan

“The service sucks, I did a bank transfer 2 weeks ago, payment not made yet. Have open support ticket that they will not answer, so i can’t write again. I think I was __cked.” – Bud

Final Verdict

All in all, the Buy Dutch Seeds do provide quality and high ranging cannabis seeds. However, the only problem that this company is having is its customer service and that should be well worked on.

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