Berry OG Strain Review

Berry OG has become more and more popular among many marijuana users because it has addicting delightful fruity qualities. Such strain is perfect for anyone who wants to have the spacey cerebral high. It is a mild strain that can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. The buzzy effects of Berry OG can last up to an hour and a half. It has a smooth flower taste and a berry aftertaste. Berry OG is perfect for weekend gatherings and parties. This strain is a cross between Blueberry and OG Kush.

Type: Balanced Hybrid Strain, 50% Sativa / 50% Indica

Flowering: 8 to 9 weeks

Climate: Warm

Yield: Medium to High

Flavors: Sweet, woody, blueberry, pine, earthy, flowery

THC Level: 15% to 20%

Height: Tall

Growing Difficulty: Moderate, some experience needed

What Are the Effects of Berry OG?

What makes Berry OG perfect for parties and gathering is that it has mild effects that can make you feel happier and more relaxed. It can also make you feel more focused and talkative.

What Are the Medical Benefits of Berry OG?

Berry OG is known for its analgesic properties. It can also help individuals who are suffering from chronic pains since it puts users into a more relaxed state. Muscle aches and spasms are also reduced. Believe it or not, Berry OG can also help women combat menstrual cramps. It is also said that this strain can treat fibromyalgia.

What Are the Negative Effects That You Can Expect from Berry OG?

Berry OG may cause mild eye pressure. It can also trigger sleepiness and couch-lock. Be very careful when it comes to dosage since it can cause anxiety and paranoia. You will also experience mild headaches if you are not careful with the dosage.

Tips for Growing Berry OG

You need to make sure that you control humidity, temperature, and moisture when growing Berry OG. This is because this plant or strain is prone to diseases such as pests and molds. You need to be able to provide the right environment in order for you to enjoy a great harvest with tremendous trichome buds. It is not advisable that you grow Berry OG if you are a beginner in cultivating cannabis.