Berry Noir Strain Review

Berry Noir is a strong and balanced hybrid strain that was bred by mating Girl Scout Cookies, Blackberry, and Platinum OG. This strain competed in LA Cannabis Cup back in 2014. It is popular for producing powerful and excellent cerebral effects. Many cannabis users love Berry Noir because it has a high level of THC. And for users who want to experience a clean and fine smoke, Berry Noir is the right strain. Berry Noir is perfect for morning and evening usage.

Type: Balanced Hybrid Strain, 50% Sativa / 50% Indica

Flowering: 7 to 9 weeks

Climate: Dry and warm

Yield: Medium

Flavors: cherry, blueberry, earthy, fruity, licorice

THC Level: 16% to 20%

Height: Medium to tall

Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What Are the Effects of Berry Noir?

It is said that Berry Noir can trigger short-term amnesia. There are also users who said that they felt like they got lost track of time after trying out this strain. You will also find users who said that they have experienced mind-space-out experience. This strain is great for uplifting your mood and can make you feel very happy all day. You have to be very careful though since it can also make you feel sleepy.

What Are the Medical Benefits of Berry Noir?

Berry Noir is great for individuals who are experiencing stress and depression. This is because Berry Noir contains properties that can make you feel relaxed and euphoric. It is also great for controlling muscle spasms and chronic pain. You can also find people who are using this strain in order to have a better quality of sleep.

What Are the Negative Effects That You Can Expect from Berry Noir?

Be very careful when taking Berry Noir since it can cause dizziness and headache. Drying of eyes and mouth can also happen – make sure that you drink lots of water.

Tips for Growing Berry Noir

For you to harvest great quality Berry Noir plants, it is advisable that you provide the best lighting system. Always make sure that the light is evenly distributed. You also need to be able to control the humidity and temperature if you are cultivating them indoors. Providing your plants the right amount of nutrients and water is also a must.