BC Seeds Review

BC Seeds Review

BC Seed King is an online seed bank from Canada which sells only top quality seeds from British Columbia and Canada for the best price. It has a large collection of seeds ideal for indoor growing, outdoor growing, and greenhouse growing. It also provides top strains for medical marijuana use. The company has established long-term relationships with top growers and breeders all over the world.

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Best Features of BC Seeds

Mr. BC Seeds offer a wide range of options for cannabis strains. The range includes the most popular, legendary ones to the newest outstanding breakthroughs such as Sky Heaven Bud, Forever Buds, Walking Dead Bud, Multiverse God Bud, Space Buzz Continuum Bud, Elephant Bud, Oracle Bud and Euphoria Unlimited Bud.

The seedbank offer a worldwide coverage, providing 100% Uber Stealthy Delivery & Safety Guarantee, to provide you with better service safely and on time. The company boasts to have mastered the art of delivering goods stealthily since 1994 and they even add up to 30+ seeds as freebies.

What We Like About BC Seeds

BC Seeds restocks their goods every 3 months to assure their consumers that all seeds, even the ones given as freebies are new ones. With this method, they can ensure that all seeds has 100% germination success rate unlike other companies which send old seeds as their freebies.

The company accepts all major credit cards available as mode of payment and they entertain queries through their email.

What We Don’t Like About BC Seeds

Despite lots of good reviews about BC Seeds, there are several comments online saying negative remarks about the services or the seeds they have received. Some seeds are overpriced and there have been instances where customers get different strains in one pack, which is somewhat awful.

Our Verdict

Overall, BC Seeds has been around the cannabis business for a long time. Their experience as a cannabis breeder cannot be replaced by new breeders out there. If you would read several reviews about BC Seeds, you’ll find out that many negative comments come from people who didn’t actually place an order with BC Seeds, complaining of the expensive prices, but those who really did were actually very pleased with BC Seeds’ service.

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