Almost all advanced cannabis growers know that some of the best and most powerful strains are found high up in the mountains. The legendary Hindu Kush is a living testament and Bakerstreet is one of its potent and popular descendants. With Bakerstreet, you can expect an intense euphoric feeling at the onset. One can easily become a more creative and inspired individual after some few tokes of this royal bud. Bakerstreet is also an ideal strain for treating certain kinds of ailments and medical conditions.

Type: Pure Indica Strain, 100% Indica

Flowering: 8 to 9 weeks

Climate:  Temperate to warm

Yield: Medium

Flavors: Sage, spice, herbal, diesel, earthy, pine

THC Level: 17%

Height: Medium to tall

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Effects of Bakerstreet?

The effects of Bakerstreet starts in the back of your head and then creeps slowly to your neck and then explodes all throughout your body. You can expect heavy effects and be prepared to get couch-locked, but not overwhelmingly sleepy. Bakerstreet can also give you some giggles and can uplift your mood. If you want to be happy and at the same time relax, then this is the perfect strain for you.

What are the Medical Benefits of Bakerstreet?

Bakerstreet is used to treat ADD or ADHD. It is also a potent strain that can effectively help you get rid of all the pain and stress that you are feeling. Feeling nauseous? Smoke Bakerstreet and you’ll forget such sickness. This strain also has anti-inflammation properties that can relieve headaches and muscle spasms. Bakerstreet can also help improve your sleep quality.

What are the Negative Effects That You Can Expect from Bakerstreet?

Keep yourself hydrated when smoking Bakerstreet since this strain can cause dryness of mouth and eyes. You also need to be aware that Bakerstreet can also make you feel a little dizzy with some mild headaches. Anxiety and feeling of paranoia can also be felt after consuming this strain.

Tips for Growing Bakerstreet

Regardless of whether you are planting this strain indoors or outdoors, this plant can give you a very satisfying harvest. This is because Bakerstreet is accustomed to harsh conditions since it is a descendant of Hindu Kush. If you are planning to plant this strain indoors, then it is advisable that you have specialized indoor gardening equipment.