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Auto Short Rider Feminized Seeds Review Marijuana Growing Tips

Auto Short Rider Feminized is one of the best crossbreeds of marijuana. It is from the combination of the two topnotch varieties, Top 44 and Early Special. Top 44 is known to produce flower buds quickly around 44 days. The buds produced are also known for their powerful highs which most of weed users love as they give the long kicking sensations. The fine quality of Early Special which is auto-flowering is also granted to the breed of Autoflowering Short Rider Feminized. With the good qualities of the two excellent breeds, the grower of this hybrid weed can be able to produce a sort of marijuana which can have great kicking flower buds in just short time. With this, this is applicable to grow rooms or places which are less spacious than the average. Also, this is best for weed growers who want to produce buds almost in an instant.

Where to buy Autoflowering Short Rider Feminized Seeds

You can buy cheap Autoflowering Short Rider Feminized seeds from an online seedbank which ships to their customers worldwide. You might receive some free seeds with your order of their high quality marijuana seeds for sale.

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Type: Feminized

Flowering Period: Normal Scale (55 to 65 days)

Climate: Sunny

Yield: 300/400 (g/m2)

Stone: Very High

THC Level: Medium

Height: Compact

Grow Difficulty: Easy

Special Features

– The flower buds of Auto Short Rider Feminized have stronger effects than most breeds of weeds. The buds, when smoked, have better quality of deep sensations which really entice users, recreational or habitual.

– It is easily grown and can easily adapt to its environment such. It can adjust to warmer temperature which most strains of marijuana cannot be able to do. With this, it can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. This has been possible because of the outstanding qualities it acquired from Top 44 and Early Special. Growing this breed is easy even the season is harsh or not.

– Harvesting this hybrid weed is quicker because of the fast growth of plant as well as the automatic budding of the flowers. With this, more weeds and buds can be grown and produced in a year.

 Growing Auto Short Rider Feminized Tips

– Give particular attention to the nutrient needs. Avoid giving nutrition deficiencies and burn as these will contribute in drying up or unsuccessful growth of the plants.

– If the weed is grown indoors, there should be proper ventilation which enables air to flow well. If the weed is grown outdoors, it should be in an area where there should be enough air which circulates around. With this, planting in places which have lots of things to block the flow of air should be avoided.

– Because this breed is highly adaptive, only the basics of growing marijuana are required like the pruning and the like.