Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review – Are they Legit?

You can get your marijuana off the Internet, as in the case with Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. The site is owned by an Amsterdam-based marijuana online seller. Incidentally, Amsterdam is the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It’s a site that allows you to buy cannabis and marijuana seeds online by mail order. You make the order over the Internet, and then receive it straight from Amsterdam by Dutch Postal.

Usually, to pay for it, you’ll need to have a PayPal account or your credit card numbers handy. This site ensures you’ll only get the best and highest quality cannabis seeds around with a solid payment and completely secured transaction system that ensures your private details.

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The company is one of the premier marijuana dealers on the Internet for the Western Hemisphere such that they can deliver the goods from America to Europe with little to no problem (local laws regarding marijuana usage, plantation, and whatnot may apply). The top Dutch breeders are the ones who supply the sight with their seeds, some of which are Cannabis Cup marijuana strain, winners. Stealth and discretion are also assured worldwide. On top of that, the seeds are sent through crush-proof sealed envelopes with no indication of what’s the content inside, in respect of your privacy.


As many marijuana connoisseurs will take note of, you might need to order seeds from some other sites in case you can’t find the strain you want on Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. The reasons for this is because most of the seeds they do have available, outside of the common commercial strains, are Dutch-exclusive ones you won’t find anywhere else.

On the other hand, that might mean for a collector of certain strains, from Kush to Diesel, you might have to go to a breeder in some other site. What’s more, there’s also a bit of trouble in regards to shipping. The site disclaims responsibility for seeds lost by the Dutch Postal Service, which means the shipment itself could carry the risk of you never getting your seeds. However, this is actually true to most seed companies out there since marijuana seeds is not legal in most countries. It’s always risky so don’t order seeds if you can’t take this risk.


As far as shipping goes, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds ships worldwide, plus their shipments are private and discreet. In particular, the packaging for their weed is very discreet. They ship to the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Russia, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Finland, Sweden and most countries around the world.

As far as shipping fees go, it depends on how far away you are from the Dutch Postal Air Mail (that is, the Netherlands). All orders are shipped within 24 hours as soon as payment is confirmed except weekends. You will receive an email notification when seeds are shipped.

They don’t use quick courier delivery like FedEx or DHL because of the higher risk of seizure. All seed companies around the world don’t use those couriers because they are expensive and they use X-rays to scan their packages.

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Payment Methods and Pricing

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds offer the following payment options:

Sending Cash

After placing your order, you’ll be given payment instructions and the address details of the company.

Bank Transfer

Like with sending cash, your bank transfer will only proceed (with details regarding the bank used by Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds) after you’ve placed your order.

Using Bitcoin

If you know how to use Bitcoins, then you should be able to use that with buying marijuana seeds from the site. Go to the site for more details.

Credit Card or PayPal

They can receive payment from PayPal and all major credit cards as well, with the caveat that the card in question is available for international use.

Western Union

It is fast and discreet. You can either go to a Western Union to pay cash or use your card in Western Union’s website. There is a delay if you use your card with Western Union though because it takes 2 to 3 business days for your bank to clear your payment.

Please note that there are charges from your bank for international transfers. Also, please don’t forget your order number so that you can give it to their customer service representative if you have questions about your orders.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds get a lot of positive reviews and feedback from their customers like high germination rate and success of delivery. Like any other seed companies though, they still get some negative feedback like seeds getting seized in the borders or some seeds not germinating. Well, it is always risky with ordering marijuana seeds online where some seeds are getting seized in the borders and no seedbank has a 100% success rate.

Final Verdict

Even though the site isn’t necessarily perfect and is based in one country, so there might be customs and logistics issues present, what the marijuana seed bank does offer is quite high quality, with many customers vouching for their speed and efficiency for the strains they do have in their seeds bank.

They also cater to the biggest strain breeders in the business, with names like Master Kush, Big Bud, AK47 XTRM, and White Widow XTRM to name a few. They also have good incentive deals. For example, by ordering immediately, you can get 20 seeds for free with every order you make as part of their promo. It’s a highly recommended company 7-8 out of 10 with their delivery of Sativa and Indica seeds as well as cup winners.

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