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Aloha Grape Stomper Strain Review

Aloha Grape Stomper gives you a potent-grape aroma that smells and tastes great. This is a strain made by crossing Grape Stomper and ’98 Aloha White Widow. And before Aloha Grape Stomper’s effects were even discovered, it was initially created to boost its trichome production and sharp grape aroma. This strain has clear-headed effects as well as needed physical sensation.

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid, 70% sativa/ 30% indica

Flowering Period: 9 weeks

Climate:  Warm

Yield: Moderate

Flavors: Blueberry, grape, and tropical

THC Level: 22%

Height: Moderate

Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the effects of Aloha Grape Stomper?

Aloha Grape Stomper has a powerful euphoric effect that can last for hours according to the dose. This has a tingly, happy and giggly effect that you may or may not remember afterward. This strain’s effects gradually subside and it will leave you with a relaxed and sleepy disposition.

What are the medical benefits of Aloha Grape Stomper?

This strain can help with a variety of medical conditions. It is recommended for ADD/ADHD and this is due to its high THC content. It will let you conquer irritability, pain, and migraines. You don’t need to use medications which can do more harm than good.

What are the negative effects that you can expect from Aloha Grape Stomper?

This strain can cause dry mouth and dry eyes, two of the most common side effects when taking cannabis (any strain). You may feel dizzy and anxious especially when this is your first time to use this strain for recreation or for therapy.

Tips for Growing Aloha Grape Stomper

Aloha Grape Stomper is a strain that will do well indoors and outdoors. It grows vigorously, therefore, it needs a large area to grow and stretch. You also need to consider using healthy soils and the best organic formula to help your plants grow well and create more yields. It needs regular watering but make sure to water only when the soil is dry and not when damp or wet. Protect your plants from molds, pests and other diseases whether you are growing indoors or outdoors.