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Alien Rock Candy Strain Review

Alien Rock Candy is an indica-dominant hybrid strain made by Alien Genetics. This strain is from the marriage of the Sour Dubble and the Tahoe Alien and has powerful aromas of citrus and fruit. Alien Rock Candy has an overwhelming relaxing feeling that you will feel all over your body as well as your mind. And aside from its strong cerebral punch, this strain is also used for the treatment of depression, stress, and pain.

Type: Indica-dominant, 80% indica/ 20% sativa

Flowering Period: 7 to 8 weeks

Climate: Mediterranean climate

Yield: up to 18 ounces per square meter indoors, more yield when raised outdoors.

Flavors: Sweet, citrusy and berry

THC Level: 15% to 23%

Height: up to 6 feet

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the effects of Alien Rock Candy?

Because Alien Rock Candy leans more on its indica side and it has high THC at 23%, this strain gives you a strong mental high. This strain can make you feel euphoric, happy and uplifted but as its effect wears off; you will feel very relaxed and sleepy. With these effects, Alien Rock Candy is recommended as relaxing nighttime strain.

What are the medical benefits of Alien Rock Candy?

This hybrid strain is known to reduce stress and depression. It can be used to curb pain and inflammation making it a good natural treatment for headaches and migraines. It can boost appetite which is useful for people who suffer from anorexia and lack of appetite.

What are the negative effects that you can expect from Alien Rock Candy?

Alien Rock Candy can make your mouth dry and eyes dry due to its high THC content. It can make you become paranoid, anxious and dizzy. These unwanted effects are intensified if you are new to using this hybrid strain.

Tips for Growing Alien Rock Candy

Alien Rock Candy is easy to grow. You won’t have worries about molds and pests because this is resistant to these. It needs a lot of care especially when growing it indoors. It will thrive well when you combine the Sea of Green techniques and hydroponics.