Alien Bubba Strain Review

Alien Bubba Strain Review

Try a strain with mellow sedation great for meditation. The Alien Bubba is a strain that came from crossing the popular Bubba Kush and the tough Alien Kush. Its effects resemble deep sedation but your mind stays awake and focused due to its meditative effects. Alien Bubba can help you focus and ready for the next day. You will also distinguish this strain from its earthy and floral aroma.

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Alien Bubba Marijuana Strain Specification

Type: Sativa-dominant, 70% sativa/30% indica

Flowering Period: 9 to 10 weeks

Climate: Mediterranean climate

Yield: Moderate

Flavors: Earthy, sweet and berry

THC Level: 21%

Height: Short

Growing Difficulty: Moderate to difficult

What are the effects of Alien Bubba?

Alien Bubba gives you a euphoric effect which makes you feel happy and tingly inside. The effects happen quickly and soon you will be able to forget all your cares and surrender to deep meditation. Eventually, you will feel relaxed and sleepy as the effects of Alien Bubba start to wear off.

What are the medical benefits of Alien Bubba?

Alien Bubba is used to treat a variety of conditions because of its therapeutic effects. It can deal with stress and depression naturally; no need to use medications that can only do more harm than good. This can reduce insomnia because of its relaxing effects. It can also help with pain and relieve muscle spasms.

What are the negative effects that you can expect from Alien Bubba?

There are a few negative effects of Alien Bubba. The most prominent side effect is dry mouth which is very common among all strains. Next is dry eyes which is due to its high THC content. Also common are headaches, dizziness, and anxiety which are seen mostly in novice users.

Tips for Growing Alien Bubba

Seeds for Alien Bubba are available for sale online. You can grow this indoors or outdoors. When grown indoors using the right growing conditions, you will get a moderate yield. When cultivated outdoors, you need to maintain a semi-humid environment.

Alien Bubba plants are usually short and bushy. It has strong lateral branches that need to be maintained to improve air circulation. This plant needs organic plant nutrients and enough water to grow well indoors or outdoors.

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