Alaska Thunder Grape Strain Review

Alaska Thunder Grape or “Grape Thunder” is a balanced hybrid strain containing 50% indica and 50% sativa characteristics. It is made from crossing the Matanuska Thunder Fuck and the Grape Ape. Because of its very popular and powerful parents, the Alaska Thunder Grape gives you a euphoric high without feeling overwhelmed. This is a potent strain which is also known for its therapeutic properties.

Type: Balanced hybrid strain – 50% sativa/ 50% indica

Flowering Period: 8 to 9 weeks

Climate: Cooler northern climates

Yield: 16 oz. / m2 indoors, 32 oz. / m2 outdoors

Flavors: Pepper, strawberry, and grape

THC Level: 18 % to 22%

Height: Moderate

Growing Difficulty: Moderate to difficult

What are the effects of Alaska Thunder Grape?

The Alaska Thunder Grape has strong, immediate effects. There is a distinct euphoric boost that you will feel from the back of your head to the back of your eyes. You will feel a tingling sensation that will gradually turn into a euphoric and uplifting effect. You will also feel the creative juice flowing which is why this strain is used in the morning for its productive high.

What are the medical benefits of Alaska Thunder Grape?

The Alaska Thunder Grape strain is beneficial for people who are suffering from pain. It can relieve pain such as post-operative pain, headaches, and muscular pains. It can also deal with stress and anxiety; it will help you relax and rest. It is extremely useful in reducing eye pressure which is the main concern in patients with glaucoma.

What are the negative effects that you can expect from Alaska Thunder Grape?

This strain can make your mouth and eyes dry. New to this strain can feel paranoid and anxious. These effects will gradually go away after regularly using this strain.

Tips for Growing Alaska Thunder Grape

This strain is best grown indoors. Just like its parent Alaskan Thunder Fuck, it can produce more yields when carefully grown in an indoor setting. It should be fed a balanced fertilizer and given a lot of light but not direct sunlight because it is used to growing in cooler, northern climates.