AK-48 Marijuana Strain Review

The appearance of the AK-48 strain is real eye candy for all marijuana enthusiasts. It has the looks of a dense bud, much like a rock. The color of AK-48 is neon green with a tinge of orange hairs packed with crystals. If there exists a magazine with content specifically made for cannabis, this weed would be a perfect featured content or even a cover photo. Given its delectable appearance, the strain releases no particular smell, except when grounded – it gives out a small hint of the smell of grapefruit. But not all cannabis lovers like its dryness, which can be compared to the dryness of the sand. One of its unique features is its capability of relaxing the muscles, making it a potent muscle relaxant. This makes a good remedy for people having trouble sleeping. It can also increase one’s appetite when your stomach rejects food intake. If you are too picky in taste, then it is recommended to avoid this, because it’ll leave a slight aftertaste of burnt hair.

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Where to buy AK-48 Cannabis Seeds?

It is safe to buy AK-48 marijuana seeds on the internet. There are legitimate online seed banks where you can order AK-48 cannabis seeds and you can get free seeds with your order. These seed banks offer worldwide discreet shipping.

AK-48 Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Hybrid – Indica Dominant
Flowering Period: 49-63 days
Climate: Best suitable for indoor growing
Yield: 350-450 (Dried grams/m2 in a Sea of Green)
Flavor: Sweet melted butter
THC level: Strong 15-20%
Height: Short
Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Special Features of AK-48

The indica dominant AK-48 strain produces hard and super dense colas with loads of THC crystals. It has a high flower to leaf ratio and buds are also forming along its main branches.

It gives only a little smell so growing AK-48 indoors doesn’t need the installation of an expensive odor control system. Air freshener, deodorizer, and scented soaps are enough to mask the odor.

The taste is bland with a hint of grapefruit that is refreshing to the senses.

Preferred by many because AK-48 has medical benefits. It’s a good pot variety for relaxing, management of sleeping problems and excellent as an appetite stimulant.

A heavy resin producer that finishes in as early as 7 weeks under optimum growing conditions.

Growing AK-48 Tips

AK-48 is best grown indoors using soil as a medium. It can go well in a sea of a green garden method because of its short to medium stature. Cultivating this strain requires some basic to advanced skills to obtain the maximum yield.

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