Afghan Marijuana Strain Review

From the many strains of marijuana existing today, it is hard to choose which one suits you best. But if you want to get high in a full-bodied manner, then you try out the Afghan type of cannabis, which grows right in the heart of Afghanistan. The seeds of this weed are perfect for growing indoors and outdoors, rising to only 40-60 cm in height. These Afghan plants are typically easier to grow than other similar plants. The seeds have characteristics of other wild plants, which makes it stronger than more resistant to hazardous elements of nature. Moreover, its adaptability to the changing environment is excellent, though a proper environment should be implemented to assure its growth. Although the Afghan strain is not as popular as its other cousins, in the right hands, it can produce numerous yielding buds. Also, the THC content is significantly high. These remarks are definitely a positive sign for any growers aspiring to adopt the plant.

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Where to buy Afghan Cannabis Seeds?

You can buy marijuana seeds from online seedbanks. Make sure to buy from a legitimate online seedbank only. The price of Afghan marijuana seeds may differ depending on where you are buying your marijuana seeds from. Looking for the cheapest yet high-quality seeds is not an easy task especially that there are a lot of marijuana seedbanks which are live online. To give an ease, we do our best to look for high quality, legit and proven and tested online seedbank where you can purchase Afghan seeds from.

Afghan Marijuana Strain Specification

Type: Mostly Indica
Flowering Period: 8 to 10 weeks
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Yield: 14 ounces/400 grams m2
Stone: Very strong stoned
THC level: Strong 15% – 20%
Height: 47.5 inches / 120 cm
Grow Difficulty: Easy

Special Features of Afghan

It is well known for excellent growth that even beginners can easily grow it. High yield of quality buds can still be expected even with some growing mistakes.

Afghan produces big fat and sticky buds loaded with heavy THC crystals that are ensured with great potency.

It is a bushy, sturdy type of weed plant and shows high resistance against pests, molds and other diseases commonly affecting marijuana.

The smell of Afghan is skunky and very pungent. It has a hash-like smooth smoke taste.

Some of the medical uses of typical Afghan marijuana include muscle pain and nerve pain relief. It is also good as an appetite stimulant.

Growing Afghan Tips

Afghan is a leafy, bushy type of marijuana plant so trimming or pruning may be necessary to greatly improve its growth and remove yellowing leaves and unwanted, dead foliage.

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