Advantages and Disadvantages of Growing Weed in a Greenhouse

Growing weed can simply be done outdoors having the free sunlight. It can also be done indoors in which various growth factors such as light, temperature, ventilation and humidity level can easily be controlled, so the plants are able to grow in an ideal environment. However, many marijuana enthusiasts see that growing weed outdoors is more of an advantage not just because it is less expensive but because in cultivating marijuana outside, the plants can receive as much natural sunlight for fast vegetative growth and tastier buds. But because growing cannabis outdoors will put the plants at high risk of being stricken with pests, eaten by hungry animals and exposed to harsh and varying temperature changes, more growers have decided to set-up a greenhouse.

Greenhouses come in various sizes, from small to large and are usually in a rectangular shape. Prices of the greenhouse can be expensive but it can also be a simple DIY job, measuring from 10 to 20 square meters. Having a greenhouse will allow you to have your own little but natural environment that you can control. But before you decide to choose this type of set-up for growing weed, let me present first some of the advantages and disadvantages of having this set-up for growing marijuana.

 The Advantages of Growing Weed in a Greenhouse 

1. Protect the plants against frost and varying changes in weather outside

2. Marijuana plants are protected against heavy rainfall that may cause powdery mildew

3. It helps in concealing the weed plants from anyone who will pass by the growing area and have a quick look over the fence

4. Low heating costs but can assure a high growth production

5. It can help control the humidity level, temperature and ventilation

 The Disadvantages of Growing Cannabis in a Greenhouse Set-up 

1. It is expensive during the initial set-up and is costly to maintain especially if you are living in an area having a cold climate. During the winter season, a greenhouse may need heating, so expect an add up on your electricity bill

2. It may increase the risk of mold growth because of humidity but can easily be corrected by opening the greenhouse, allowing in and out of air

Growing pot in a greenhouse is much safer than cultivating outside. In a greenhouse set-up, ganja plants are able to grow in a natural environment less the harsh weather. An ideal growing environment like greenhouse can lead to healthy and fast-growing crops producing big harvest of high quality buds. Opt to grow marijuana in a greenhouse for a maximum control of an outdoor grow while letting the cannabis plants enjoy the sunlight minus the harsh weather and less risk of being infested with pests.

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