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Advantages and Disadvantages of Growing Marijuana from Clones

Learning how to grow weed should also include a lesson on the advantages and disadvantages of Growing marijuana from clones especially for those who want to start from clones and not from weed seeds. They must know the basics as well as the dos and don’ts in how to grow weed as these are the things which enable proper cannabis farming. With the advances in weed, cultivation comes new techniques in growing marijuana. One of these is marijuana cloning. This refers to growing a replica of a plant which is directed from a base or mother cannabis plant with excellent features. There are many ways to clone a marijuana species but the most common of these is by way of using the cuttings which are offshoots of the original weeds.

Advantages of Growing Marijuana Clones

Marijuana cloning is practiced by many weed growers because of the following benefits:

• Clones grow faster and produce buds which have better quality compared to regular weeds.
• Clones get the positive qualities of the mother plant. These qualities may include the immunity from pests and certain diseases.
• The maximum number of clones that a weed farmer can grow is unlimited. With this, growing big numbers of marijuana plants at a time becomes easy.
• Clones are generally less expensive compared to standard types.
• Clones can replicate another set of clones which have excellent types of characteristics.
• Clones take lesser time to grow as they start generally from cuttings and not from seeds.

Disadvantages of Growing Marijuana Clones

In knowing how to grow weed, one must take note that marijuana cloning has also its bad side which needs to be also considered. These are the following:

• Clones are ineffective or have bad quality if the mother plant is not properly chosen. Poor breeds of weeds can inherit their unpleasant qualities to the new strain which sprouted from them.
• Auto-flowering weeds cannot be cloned because of some of their properties. Hence, the standard types of marijuana plants are by and large the ones which can be cloned.
• The selection of marijuana plants to be cloned is minimal. This is because pure breeds of marijuana are the ones which can really be cloned.

Tips on How to Grow Weed Clones

Growing marijuana and making clones will produce the best results if the following would be taken in hand:

• Choose properly the finest type or breed of mother marijuana plant,
• Prefer to clone from the third generation of marijuana plants as this is where the best qualities show.
• Limit the cloning to seventh or eighth generation as long as the mother plant shows the nest characteristics.