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The Flowering Stage of Marijuana Plants: What to Do

The flowering phase of weed is the time when all gardeners growing cannabis is excited about. After the flowering period is the harvest time. But before you get too excited, pay close attention to this stage of cannabis cycle. After the vegetative phase, marijuana will than about to enter the budding time. This is a […]

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Blueberry Blast Strain Review

Another addition to the Blue Dream series, the Blueberry Blast strain marks the brilliant work of the trusted cultivators from Snow High Seeds. Using Johnny Blaze strain’s seminal root and sexing it to the Blueberry-Haze’s embracing stems, the Snow High Seeds succeeded in birthing the Blueberry Blast strain. Being a berry child, tracing its lineage […]

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Flowering Time- Determine The Sex Of Weed Plants

For most beginners in weed growing, it is never easy to determine the sex of marijuana plants. When marijuana is young, you can never tell if it is a male or female. The sex of cannabis plants is best determined during the flowering time.  Unless you are growing feminized weed seeds, make sure you know […]

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