8 Ball Kush Strain Review

Royalty in the Indica family, the 8 Ball Kush strain is a pure Indica variety. Despite its hard-core Indica lineage, this strain can still perfectly balance a good cerebral high with a relaxed mood. Like it many family counterparts, it displays sedative properties for pains and cramps. Nevertheless, it stimulates the brain, preparing it for proper function after sleep.

The plant’s appearance is unmistakable. Its buds are covered by a thick crystal sheet, for starters. Its scent can never go unnoticed too.

8 Ball Kush Specifications:

Type: Indica (100%)

Flowering Period: 50-55 Days

Climate: Hot to Temperate to Cold Climate

Yield: Up to 454 grams indoor and 595.34 grams outdoor

Flavors: Sour, Piquant, Spicy, Earthy, Pine

THC Level: 20%

Height: Up to 80 cm when grown indoor and 110 cm when grown outdoor

Growing Difficulty: Easy99

What are the Effects of the 8 Ball Kush?

The 8 Ball Kush is known to cause feelings of calmness, happiness, euphoria, and feeling of excitement for those who are aiming to complete loads of work. It will literally turn you into a pillow or a working machine upon your desire.

What are the Medical Benefits of the 8 Ball Kush?

The 8 Ball Kush bears the highly-stimulating but sedating touch of the Indica strains. With that, it has been proven to treat chronic pains, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.

What are the Negative Effects of the 8 Ball Kush?

Users should be cautious about excessive consumption of the strain as it also culprits to severe thirst and dehydration. At some point, its high potency can leave off streaks of disorientation and paranoia.

Tips for Growing?

  • The 8 Ball Kush can survive almost anywhere. It can adapt to extreme climates. But if you want it to yield thicker vegetation, keep it outdoors.
  • Despite such claims that the strain can resist pest infestation, there are, however, weak variants of the strain. Applying a few artificial nutrients does not hurt.
  • If you want your strain to be organically resistant of pests, allow it to flower outdoor. Since it is a feminized strain, it will unmistakably flower after a phase. So, you do not have to worry too much.