20 Ways to Save Money on Weed

There are certain months in which you can experience tight ends as a marijuana grower. You may even be among those who have to depend on their payday for them to have something to spend on their hobby. Worry no more! There are actually certain ways in which you can easily save money on weed. Here you can learn about 20 ways in which you can do so.

Keep Things to Yourself

Of course, you may think that sharing things with other people is caring. However, this concept may not apply all the time when it comes to growing weed. Therefore, if you are in a tight budget and do not have enough amount of weed, you just do not end up announcing your intent to smoke weed.

Get Support From Family Members

If you have not enough money to spend on your own, you can always ask for assistance from supportive family members. These people are the ones who would sympathize with you because of your shortcomings financially.

Use Mangoes

If you are now planning to smoke weed and are interested in getting an intense high, experts actually suggest eating mangoes first before smoking. This is because mangoes are rich in a particular substance called myrcene, which is a terpene which is generally found in marijuana flowers. Our body digests such substance, interacting with the weed’s THC, thus giving you an enhanced high.

Grow Your Own Marijuana

Rather than buying weed every time you need it, you can actually grow your own marijuana and experience the benefits, including huge savings.

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Use the Entire Stash

Leaves are not the only part of a marijuana plant. You can basically do just about anything in order to take advantage of your weed. For this, you might even be surprised of the actual savings that you have made.

Space Out When Smoking

Marijuana is not like cigarette in which you can easily do chain smoking. While it can give you the pleasure that you want to keep as long as possible, it is not possible to do so with marijuana. Since our body can only process a certain amount of THC at a time, it is best to space out on your smoking schedule.

Use a Grinder

By grinding up weed before smoking it, you can conserve on your marijuana. This is because the surface material is increased, thus producing more.

Buy in Large Quantities

Buying bulk, especially the seeds, can help you to save money. The measurement of these large quantities is often referred to as ‘Weight”.

Focus on Generation Blunts

Generation blunts are those that are made out of little weeds that are left in roaches. If you are able to gather enough roaches, you may then create a first generation blunt.

Use a CD over the bowl

This simple hack can be done in order to prevent your weed from possible spilling.

The One Hitter

When we say “one hitter” it means a device used in smoking which allows you to hit weed to the end at a single time. In this way, you will only use the needed amount to feel the high that you want, nothing more.

Buddy Match Up

With a smoking buddy by your side, you can only spend half. At times, if you get lucky, you can have it free if your buddy pays it for you.

Roll the Skimpier L’s

This means putting a little weed at each joint. This can reduce the price because you only smoke less. Start removing an amount that is enough so that you will not completely notice the difference. After the tolerance of your body has already adjusted, you can remove more.

Remove the “L”

This can turn out to be obvious and simple but hard to follow. After reaching that particular high, you can now put your bong down, and stop smoking. After all, you no longer have to waste the remaining weed, you have already reached your high.

Smoke and Sell

This is not talking about big time dealing, but you can sell half of what you have in order to compensate on the expenses.

Plan in Advance

This shows the level of discipline that you have. Avoid smoking more than once a day.

Control your smoking for a while

It may be difficult, but at times this needs to be done in order to save and still be able to smoke your weed later on.

Cut off sharing

True, sharing is good. However, if it will cost you a lot, better keep your weed to yourself.

Leave and store some at home

Storing your weed at home, safely in a jar, will help it to be conserved longer.

Cornering your bowl

If you use a bowl to smoke bud, try only lighting up the bowl corner rather than the entire bowl.

These simple ways may need discipline, but the effort will all be worth it.