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20 Myths About Growing Marijuana

If you are a beginner in the field of growing marijuana, you may have come across some of the so-called myths involved in the actual growing process. Here are 20 myths about growing marijuana:

– The gender of the plant can be determined by the number of leaf points. – the number of leaf points has nothing to do with the plant sex.

– Urine can help in replenishing lost nutrients in marijuana. – it might work to some extent, but there are factors that need to be considered in doing so.

– Flushing with plain water can remove chemicals. – flushing does not remove minerals and nutrients already absorbed in the buds.

– Aerogarden can be used for growing weed. – It works but it won’t give you a good yield.

– Male plants need to be kept for their THC content. – male plants should not be kept unless they are needed for pollination.

– Potency, taste and flavor can be enhanced by adding food and juice to plants right before harvest. – on the contrary, adding any of these substances may harm your plants.

– Buds are practically more potent when they are harvested during their dark cycle. – there is no evidence supporting this myth.

– Hermaphrodite plants can produce feminized seeds. – while they can produce sell-pollinated seeds, they may just end up just like the mother plant.

– Cannabis plants can grow just like a regular weed, so the seeds can just be spread on dirt. – if you are hoping to get quality plants, this will not work. Techniques in growing is the key.

– Huge plants can be grown indoor with less electricity. – in growing cannabis, this concept is too good to be true. There are benefits in growing marijuana with the right amount of lights.

– Birth control pills can help marijuana plants. – there are no effects of doing so.

– Blowing marijuana smoke at the plants can help them grow quicker. – smoke is not good for plants, regardless of the source.

– It takes a lot of money to grow marijuana. – you may have to invest some money on the project, but it is not necessarily a lot.

– Genetics can guarantee high potency. – it may help, but it is still the techniques in growing that really matter.

– Cloning is extremely difficult. – not necessarily. There are some information available online on how to become successful in cloning marijuana.

– The dark cycle needs to be pitch black. – it is impossible to find a pitch dark condition in an outdoor environment.

– Modern day marijuana is more potent compared to years ago. – there is no medical evidence suggesting that high potency in marijuana is more harmful compared to low potency marijuana.

– Marijuana is dangerous because it contains over 400 different chemicals. – there is no direct relationship between the number of chemical content in marijuana and its toxicity and safety.

– CO2 injection is worth the investment because can increase yield. – boosting up with CO2 injection will not make any difference since plants consume only the amount of CO2 it needs.