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10 Things that you Should Not Do when Growing Marijuana

Throughout history, it has been observed that beginners, regardless of the project they are working on, are known to mess up. This is because, in every activity, there is a so-called ‘learning curve’. Growing marijuana is one of them. Growers who have already been growing marijuana for decades are expected to be better compared to newbies. However, the latter may be discouraged in attempting to start because they are afraid of failure or humiliation.

Among the things that need to be considered by any marijuana grower is avoiding the following 10 things when growing marijuana:

Tell anybody about your growing project

Make sure that nobody, even a close friend, should know about your marijuana growing project. Things can get messed up if you do.

Depend on a window for the light source in an indoor environment

Regardless of the fact that one of the best sources of light is the sun, attempting to grow them in an indoor environment with just the window as your source is a bad thing. These plants need as much light as possible.

Expect perfection

The activities involved in growing marijuana often come with a lot of unexpected events. Therefore, it is important, then to make sure that you are prepared to face failures than perfection.

Use just any fertilizer

This is a mistake usually done by newbies when they just grab anything that they see at a garden store. While you can still expect the plants to grow, they may not thrive healthily.

Using outdoor natural soil because you think that it works

Well, there is still a possibility that growing marijuana can be successful in an outdoor setup, using outdoor natural soil. However, it can only happen if the soil is infused with fertilizer and other nutrients.

Lax Off

In growing marijuana, you always need to be alert. It is not just a simple hobby. They have to be taken care of just like little children.

Plants getting rootbound

One of the things that a lot of beginners may not actually know is that the roots of marijuana can grow really fast. Therefore, they need to be transferred to a larger container as soon as they are showing growth signs.

Prune all the time

Pruning can be good in a way. However, pruning down the entire plant is not necessary as this can only weaken and killing your plant.


The funny thing is that most of the occurring problems with marijuana plants are actually results of mistakes that could have been reversed otherwise. Panicking will only lead to making drastic decisions which may not necessarily be effective.

Avoid reading

There are some who are interested in growing marijuana who believes that what they learn is enough. However, reality dictates that if you have more knowledge, the lesser mistakes you are bound to make.

Keep in mind that these are not just only ones that you need to take consideration of. However, taking note of them will help you become a better grower.

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