10 Crazy Things our Ancestors Use to Get High

Reality dictates that the use of substances that alter the mind is not really new to mankind. Records and history shows that people have been using psychoactive seeds, plants, and fungi for the longest time. Some have come to the full realization of their use, using them for the right purposes, while others were simply curious due to the results that they produce. Here are some of the 10 crazy things that our ancestors use to get high.


Opium is a popular substance. After all, a war has been named after it. Outside the cannabis world, opium is considered as one of the most popular drug all throughout the history in Asia. As a matter of fact, humans have already been using opium coming from poppy plants starting the middle part of the 4th millennium. These days, some opium forms can now be found in hospitals all over the world. It is primarily used as a pain killer, yet highly addictive.


Cannabis is known to be one of the oldest mild-altering plants known to mankind. As a matter of fact, the earliest record written regarding the use of cannabis has been the reference of Herodotus on the Central Eurasian Scythian’s use of cannabis steam bath. At the same time, artifacts were found dating before that. This only means that our ancestors have already been getting the high that we are also experiencing now, way, way back.


Perhaps you have already heard about this North American hallucinogen. The natives of American Southwest and Mexico used to harvest and consume this cactus that looks like a small button, chewing them, resulting to quite a heavy trip. They were also used for spiritual reasons, as well as medicinal purposes.


This shrub is common in several parts in West Africa. It has already been used for hundreds of users as very powerful spiritual tool which were used in several ceremonies and rituals. Recently, it has been found it that it has the capability to combat other high-level addictions caused by other substances. This is done by alleviating the withdrawal pains.


Khat is considered as one of the oldest drugs, a stimulant with bitter leaves, casually chewed for treating mild euphoria and energy. It became mostly popular in Somalia and Yemen. Several decades later, the immigrants from Somalia introduced this plant to the UK, where it is now popularly grown. The active ingredient in Khat is Cathinone, which gives users a good high.

Betel Nut

People in different locations in Asia had already been chewing these nuts, also known as areca seeds, for several centuries even before sailors from Europe started bringing them to Europe back in the days of the Renaissance. It comes with a low-grade stimulant which gives users an amazing feeling after chewing.

LSA – The Eleusinian Mysteries

The Eleusinian mysteries refer to the initiations done each year for a cut that is based in ancient Greece. During these events, it has been thought that they use a certain fungus that contains LSA, or Lysergic Acid Amide, a psychoactive alkaloid which produces similar effects to that of LSD.


One of the primary ingredients of this substance is the hallucinogenic ointment, often known as deadly nightshade. It is a great name for the famous flower that is thought to be used by witches. If they are taken in high doses, it can be poisonous.


This ornamental plant is actually poisonous, but was recorded as being used as a painkiller before Morphine and Tylenol-3 were discovered. Too much of this substance can be poisonous. As a matter of fact, it has been believed by enthusiasts of Shakespeare that this is the very same substance that was administered to Hamlet’s father, ending to his demise.


This substance is often referred to as the DMT bean. This bean is often found along the grasslands of Latin America. They are usually dried and ground to form a potent hallucinogenic stuff used on rituals. Because of its popularity, it has appeared in several myths across several cultures.

Indeed, humanity has its own way of exploring what nature has given us. Even though we may have only found the actual scientific effects of these mind-altering substances, our ancestors have already found their way to entertain themselves and to attain that high that we only feel now when using these substances. It is just interesting that they were willing to try some things that were later on deemed as dangerous, and even poisonous to the human body. Talk about curiosity!