Tips on How to Successfully Clone Marijuana Plants

To start cloning, it is necessary to carefully choose the mother plant that reveals excellent qualities such as vigor, high potency, fast growth, mold and pest resistance. In obtaining clones, there are things that you need to look at because some marijuana varieties are easier to clone while there are other cannabis plants that are difficult to clone.

Sativa marijuana plants are known to be the sturdy type and when used as a mother plant for cloning, they can easily develop some roots. You can just even punch a hole in the soil ground and put the cuttings. On the other hand, the indica types require more attention to make cloning a successful one.

Tips on How to Help the Roots Grow From Difficult to Clone Cannabis Plants:

1. Do the process of “etiolation” in which the portion of the stem is wrapped with a tape for a week or two. This process will promote growth of the roots.

2. In obtaining cuttings, use a very sharp pair of scissors or an anvil pruner. A sharp razor blade will also help create an even cut which also helps in the root development. Do not use dull pruner because it will only cause damage to the stems, resulting to difficulty in developing roots.

3. Cut the stem at angle to increase the surface area for more water absorption.

4. As soon as the cannabis cuttings are obtained from the mother plant, immediately soak the cut end in a rooting solution or in water for a day or so. Do not let the bubbles go into the stem. Tweak the stems to release air bubbles if there are any.

5. Provide the clones with proper lighting. Weed cuttings will not develop roots in the dark. Fluorescents are ideally used for marijuana clones. To keep them warm, you can also supply them with a little indirect sunlight.

6. Limit the transpiration process and prevent the drying out of the medium by using a humidity tent or a plastic dome.

Marijuana cuttings may wilt a little at first but there is nothing much to worry about because misting the cuttings will perk them up. If you consider cloning, keep in mind that there are easy and difficult to clone cannabis varieties. Some marijuana types will root quicker than others. For difficult to clone weed plants, follow the tips mentioned above and you will be helping the pot cuttings to develop some roots.

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