Best Marijuana Strains for Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorders are among the most common mental issues in the world. In the United States alone, more than 5 million people, and counting, are bipolar. Depending on the type of bipolar disorder, a person may struggle in their attempt to live normally from day to day. Bipolar disorder patients have a lot of medication, and some of these can be very expensive. It will not hurt to try medical marijuana, as many other patients have done. Here are some of the best strains you can try out for treating your symptoms of the said disorder.


Type: hybrid

THC: up to 6%

CBD: 6%-17%

Dominant flavor: sweet, citrus, earthy

Dominant effects: relaxing, uplifting

A lot of individuals with bipolar disorder prefer Cannatonic as part of their medication. This strain is slightly psychoactive but helps ease muscle spasms, pain, anxiety, and similar symptoms. It is also used for individuals with anxiety, fibromyalgia, and Crohn’s disease, among others.

Girl Scout Cookies

Type: Indica

THC: up to 25%

CBD: 1%

CBN: 1%

Dominant flavor: sweet with some citrus and menthol

Dominant effects: balanced relaxation and stimulation, euphoria, pain relief

Also simply called GSC, this strain is a widely known and used cannabis strain for medicinal treatment purposes. Girl Scout Cookies is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison. The plant is believed to bring a lasting full-body relaxation, happiness, and pain relief, and remedy for nausea. Girl Scout Cookies is also consumed as remedy for eating disorders.

Green Crack

Type: sativa

THC: up to 24%

CBD: 6%

Dominant flavor: mango

Dominant effect: energetic, focused, invigorating

Green Crack is for bipolar disorder patients who desire a combination of the medicinal effects and psychoactive experience brought by marijuana. This strain allegedly alerts the mind and increases your energy levels. Also, in some individuals, the effect is a strong and lasting cerebral high. Anxiety, migraines, depression, headaches, and ADHD are just a few of the concerns that Green Crack can potentially resolve, in addition to bipolar disorders.

Jack Herer

Type: sativa

THC: 23%

CBN: 1%

Dominant flavor: lemon, woody, spicy, sweet

Dominant effect: euphoric, head high, body high, creativity boost

It is easy to tell when a Jack Herer is nearby. Its smell is mostly sweet and accented by hints of herbs and wood. Medical weed patients claim that they typically experience body or head high, sometimes accompanied by euphoria, after having some Jack Herer. This is used by a lot of people who have problems handling fatigue, stress, depression, migraines, arthritis, and similar issues.

Blue Dream

Type: Sativa

THC: 17%-24%

CBD: 2%

CBN: 1%

Dominant flavor: sweet, sugary

Dominant effects: cerebral high, energy boost, pain relief

Blue Dream is aptly named, given that it resulted from crossing a Haze and a Blueberry. These are both renowned strains, and they are still around today, delivering all sorts of high to their loyal users. Individuals who have tried Blue Dream say that this is a good remedy for symptoms that come with fibromyalgia and other issues, such as chronic body pain, insomnia, depression, and bipolar disorder.

Bubba Kush

Type: pure indica

THC: up to 27%

CBD: 0.2%

Dominant flavor: coffee, spices, chocolate

Dominant effects: calming, relaxing, analgesic

Bubba Kush appears to span the entire flavor spectrum. You may initially notice the sweet taste of chocolate mixed with some coffee. You may also taste hints of nuts, spices, and earthy and pungent flavors. Bubba Kush is known among cannabis users to bring about sleepiness, euphoria, pain relief, relaxation, and the munchies. This strain is also commonly used to help with such problems as arthritis, cachexia, ADD/ADHD, and cancer, aside from bipolar disorder.

Sour Diesel

Type: sativa

THC: 26%

CBD: 2%

CBN: 4%

Dominant flavor: diesel, citrus, candy

Dominant effects: creativity boost, uplifting, energizing, euphoric

You do not often see Sour Diesel being recommended as a medical weed strain. That is because it has such a low CBD content of merely 2%. The CBN level is 4%. Meanwhile, the THC content is a very high 26%. Sour Diesel nevertheless is used for treating symptoms of bipolar disorders, anxiety, depression, and related illnesses.

White Widow

Type: hybrid

THC: 18%-25%

CBD: 1%

Dominant flavor: sweet, peppery, sugary, citrus

Dominant effect: relaxing, cerebral high

White Widow may have a low CBD content relative to common medical marijuana strains, but it is already a widely consumed solution for such issues as depression, bipolar disorders, stress, and pain. White Widow allegedly gives a euphoric and energizing, which is paired at times with a bit of creativity stimulation.


Combating bipolar disorders can be challenging, but you can manage with support from your loved ones and the appropriate treatment. Give these strains a shot, and we hope everything works out for you!